Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in the swing of things... sort of.

So the saying goes that you often need a vacation to recover from vacation. I second that.

We arrived back home Saturday night around 9 p.m. and woke up to go to church on Sunday, which was of course Father's Day. So we had to do what we do best - marathon family days - as not to make anyone feel left out. We had lunch with my parents and went to Crystal Springs for dinner - two happy dads (or moms more like it).

Monday was actually a semi-chilled out day, thank goodness. We went to the gym, the grocery store, picked up my two little cousins (ok, they aren't so little any more, being 14 and 18, geez, I'm getting OLD!) and went to the pool. It was very nice.

Yesterday was my turn to host bunco at my house, so an afternoon of cooking ensued. I can't get in the kitchen without hearing this chair slide up to the counter. My little helper just can't let me cook alone. Gosh, I love this kid. She's such a sweetie and wants SO BAD to be grown up. She copies everything I do, which of course, makes me so happy. I'm glad she thinks mom's cool. That will change soon enough, I'm sure.

Baby sister thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of our labor - cookies!

Happy hump day everybody!


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Nicole Bradshaw said...

I wish I could just lie in the floor like that and have someone feed me cookies . . . !