Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back to the grind

Due to the constant weight gain and the fact that this working out at home thing is clearly not working for me, I joined a gym last week.
I went to the gym pretty religiously before we moved in March. I cancelled my membership and in an effort to save money, convinced myself I would work out at home. Not happening. I'd rather watch TV or eat, which is also clearly not working for me.
I actually really enjoy working out and I also enjoy dropping babies in the gym's child care and plugging into my ipod and not hearing any kid noises for a good hour and a half. I think this time out for me makes me more patient wiht my kids in the long run.
So, here's hoping this will make the creeping up of the scale subside. We shall see.


i'm black betty said...

you go, girl!! i have NO motivation to go to a gym. i'm a loser! LOL!!!

From the Doghouse said...

I'd rather watch TV or eat

Not me; I'd rather watch TV AND eat!

I can understand how having some time just for you can help - and doing it while helping yourself get healthier is even better.

Amanda Wells said...

Ah, yes, I caught myself watching the Biggest Loser while eating Halloween candy. You'd think it would make me not eat, but no.

Sandi said...

Hey ... best of luck to you, especially at Halloween!