Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my husband's birthday. He hates birthdays, especially his. He says its ridiculous for one day to be all about him. He hates picking restaurants or deciding what to do, but he needs to get over it because I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. He, more than most, I believe,deserves a day all to himself.

He is by far the most amazing husband and father. Our little girls think he hung the moon, and so does their mom. Sometimes I get my feelings hurt because our oldest wants Daddy to get her dressed or wants Daddy to put her to bed. But I get it. The way they look at him says it all. Every morning, I'm all alone on my side of the bed, while they have piled up on top of their father. I am so thankful for the way he loves them. He comes home from work and plops right down on the floor to play with his girls. He asks about their day and really listens to what they have to say, even if our youngest only babbles at this point. I know that one day they'll realize how blessed they are to have such a loving and involved father.
And wow, I'm lucky too. He loves me more than I could have ever hoped for. No matter how gross I feel, pajamas, no makeup, he can make me feel like the most beautiful person in the world.

I doubt you're reading this, but if you are, although I don't say it enough, I appreciate you and love you more than you'll ever know.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, old man.


From the Doghouse said...

Awww, great post!

Happy birthday!

Randi Troxell said...

great post. it makes all the difference when we find a wonderful man to share out life with. kudos and cheers to the good ones out there!

Carrie Partridge said...

Wonderful husbands and fathers are so important and such a blessing--sometimes a rare one these days! I love hearing good stories about daddies. Happy birthday to your hubby!

(By the way, I heard that you and I were in the same room Saturday night and didn't know it! Apparently, we have some common friends. :) )

Sandi said...

Aw ... happy birthday to him!