Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That's not fair!

DISCLAIMER: I'm proud of my husband, very, very, proud. And I'm sure the earlier post Why I Love the South Reason #1 contributes to my gripe.

I'm sure you've seen the commercial on TV where there's a pencil-sketched couple sitting on a couch and the woman's talking about weight loss. She talks about how her husband quit drinking sodas and lost 20 pounds, while she has been dieting and lost a pound. Then she drops her water into the male dog's bowl and he slims up really quick. It's for a diet pill or something like that. Clearly I'm not very good at explaining this, but if you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

So about a month ago my husband and I set out on a program to get fit and eat healthier. It's intense workouts and I've been working my butt off! I still have approximately 10 pounds of baby weight, give or take a few pounds depending on the day, and my "baby" is 14 months old. It's ridiculous.

One month into it I've GAINED about 4-5 pounds and every time someone sees my husband he gets a "Wow, what have you been doing? You look great!" NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! Men have it so easy. I birthed two babies and now I have to carry around that extra weight. And he looks amazing. Ugh.


From the Doghouse said...

My wife's mad at me for the same reasons.

Amanda Wells said...

It's a man's world, in every aspect I guess, GRRR.

Sandi said...


Seriously, though, good luck on your weight loss. It's the same situation at my house. Hubby can just diet and lose 40 pounds, and I diet and exercise like a mad woman and drop maybe two or three.

Carrie Partridge said...

I CAN SO RELATE!!!!!! It just seems to be so easy for guys. My husband and I have both been working out, and I was doing Weight Watchers. He slimmed up and toned up, and he didn't even need to lose weight at all. I, on the other hand, am still carrying around baby weight, and my baby is (ahem) FOUR. It's so hard to get motivated.