Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Wingard Home

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting the Wingard Home in Jackson in preparation for a story I'm writing on their ministry. Charlotte & Roy Wingard open up their own home to the homeless and through their ministry, help them get back on their feet. I was impressed with how different this place was than your typical homeless shelter. Guests, as the Wingards refer to their tenants, are not charged rent or a fee, but are required to participate in the day-to-day upkeep of the home, provide a record of their expenditures, and are required to find, and keep, a job. I was able to speak with a few of the Wingards' house guests and was blown away by their stories and the huge strides these people are making toward getting their life on track.

From what I saw today, I believe that through the Wingards and their ministry, God is being revealed to people that are in dire need of His guidance. The Wingard home is operated solely on donations and they are currently in desperate need. Check out their website for more info on the home and how to help.

Also, be on the lookout for my article. I'll post a link here on the blog when the time comes.

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Elysa said...

Thank you for helping get out the amazing story of the WINGARD HOME and their need for financial help and volunteers.

My husband and our seven, yes SEVEN kids, have been going to Wingard Home for several months and volunteering...just doing whatever is needed...washing dishes, sorting out donated clothes, playing with the kids, cleaning out the pantry, whatever. We've also often taken along other people's kids and adult friends. It's been a wonderful experience for us and my kids look forward to our Wingard days.

In fact, my 13 year old daughter has even said she wishes SHE could live at the Wingard Home!

Bless you for what you're doing,
Elysa Mac