Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Guilty Obsession

When I decided to quit my job and stay home with my girls, I promised myself I absolutely would not turn into a stay-at-home-mom that sat on the sofa watching talk shows and soap operas while eating Little Debbie snacks.
But, I must admit that at 10 a.m. each morning, you'll most likely find me watching The View on ABC, although I haven't succumbed to the Little Debbie snacks quite yet. The show takes a hiatus each year for the month of August but to my delight, has now returned. I think the format of the show is genius - a bunch of women yelling over each other about politics and pop culture. I eat it up.
The cohosts represent everyone from far-left liberals, moderates, and right-wing conservatives. Although I feel at times that all views aren't fairly represented and one person in particular is consistently bombarded and attacked, I love hearing their different points of view.
So, this fall, if you need me at 10 a.m., you know where I'll be.


Rachel said...

So, since you are a fan of The View, I wonder what you think about the interview with The McCains?

Amanda Wells said...

Hmmm... that's a tough one. Let me first say I'm a fan of the View, but definitely not Barbara Walters - the way she handled the interview was ridiculous. If you ask someone a question, at least let them give a complete answer! I am a fan of Whoopi Goldberg, but the constant eye rolling was immature, I thought.

But at the same time, the man is running for president, so he should be ready for tough questions from people that aren't his biggest fans. He definitely got his fair share of tough questions there and I think he handled it pretty well.