Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Pacifier Diaries

Well, we decided to take baby girl's paci away, or her "dohdoh" as she calls it. We have no idea where "dohdoh" came from, that's just how she has always referred to her pacifier. Before I had kids I always said I would never have a child that had to take their pacifier out to talk. Well, never say never is all I have to say about that. My oldest sucked her thumb when we took her pacifier away around her first birthday and that was a terrible habit to break, so I let baby girl keep her paci a little longer, ok, a lot longer.

The first day without it was pretty rough, but now she does great during the day and hasn't even asked for it. It's bed time that's the kicker. She simply won't go to sleep, but I know it will get better.

Say a prayer for us as we cope!

Be back soon with a longer post - I promise!


Sarah Broadus said...

I am dreading that day with Aubrie Kate...If I try to take it away for even a little while she burst out into crocodile tears calling "SASSYYYYYYYY"

Jamie said...

Neither of mine would take a pacifier. I kinda wish they had. My son sucked his pointer finger full time until he was about 3.5. He was 5 before he stopped sucking on it when he was sleepy. We just could not break him.

My daughter sucked her thumb at bed time until she was 7. It was a mess!

Best of luck on breaking the pacifier habit for good.