Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project Playroom

Disclaimer: I really am a tidy and organized person most of the time. My children, however are not (as you'll see in these photos.) This is often a source of conflict in our house.

This weekend I was determined to get something accomplished around the house... I want to get one room completely finished at a time, so this weekend I attacked the playroom. Here's what I had to work with:

This used to be baby girl's room until she moved into a big girl bed and into her sister's room nearly a year ago. So the nursery became the playroom and I basically shoved all the toys in there. My goal was to make it look somewhat presentable. I started with a coat of paint (in the same shade) thanks to baby girl's decision to share her masterpieces:

I tried everything to get the marks off. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser usually works, but in this case it just smeared the crayon. So a coat of paint to the whole room (and the hallway outside the room) did the trick.

Then the organizing began. Starting with the closet.

And after:

In order to have art on the walls without actually having art on the walls, I came up with this contraption, which I like to call my picture hanger thing.

Just get two decorative knobs, some string, scrapbook paper, and mini clothespins, and voila!

I thought these knobs were just adorable. They came from Hobby Lobby and my dear husband was sweet enought to screw them into our wall.

I've been collecting Ws for one wall in he playroom. Some of them I bought readymade and some I embellished. 
It was fun, I must say! I did get this idea from a blog I read a while back. For the life of me I cannot remember which blog it was. I wish I could give credit where credit is due!
Here's the final product:

The last thing I plan on doing in the playroom is making curtains. Looks like I'll have to learn to use my Christmas gift.  Then on to the next... either the girls' room or the office. Stay tuned!


Monica said...

Great job!!! I love the W's and the new blog layout!!!

Amy Nash said...

Did you take that pic of Ry and Santa out that scared her so bad??

I like the W's by the way! :)